No grey area

I feel myself saying very often that everything in our house is either black or white.

Perfectly described by a little while ago I was singing “the sun has got his hat on…” And Charlie stared at me perplexed…. “Er no it hasn’t mummy!”

He is very straight forward the world to him is viewed in black and white, no grey areas here!

This can be tricky when a situation has to be adapted, changed or different to what is expected.

It does have it’s benefits though. Charlie would never lie, he almost doesn’t know how to. In his head it is what it is. His honesty, literal thinking and straight forward manner are what makes me love him even more.

From a teaching perspective with particular pupils of mine with similar traits to my son, I have learnt to be even more clear and literal in my teaching points. Teaching dance this can be challenging at times “let’s smash it” …. “Smash what” ?! It has definitely improved my etching and given me a whole new outlook in the language we use and what it means to my students.


One comment

  1. My favourite phrase-,black and white no grey.Most of us would like to live our lives like this but sadly very few ‘others’ recognise that for some it is the only way.Good luck with your blog let’s hope it sheds light for those in the dark.xx


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