That knot in the tummy that never goes away…

This week’s post is focussed on ANXIETY.

Such a debilitating and underestimated ‘side effect’ of Autism.

The recurring and common theme throughout everything we do is all centred around managing, predicting, pre empting and fighting the levels of anxiety that my son is dealing with.

It’s exhausting, upsetting and at times frustrating. I want to just be able to deal with it for him. I would do anything to take that terrible feeling away from my sensitive, happy little boy.

Even at his young age he tries to manage it himself, but sometimes this just becomes too much. It’s like a champagne bottle being shaken up, eventually that anxiety is crippling and takes over – the cork pops and he reaches the stage where he is no longer able to reason with it.

Situations, people, places, atmosphere, noises, textures and almost anything could increase his anxiety. That’s why it’s such a tricky thing to manage because the ‘Anxiety’ is so Jekyll & Hyde.

The most important thing in dealing with anxiety is finding his ‘comforts’ – whether that be certain people, situations or environments that make him feel at ease. There’s always a balance to strike to keep that knot in his stomach at bay.


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