The boy who didn’t like Christmas

So at 4 years old most children are well and truly into the swing of how Christmas, birthdays and special occasions work. The presents, parties, birthday cake, Christmas trees, all the special events at school or pre school to mark the occasion.

When your mind is very logical, practical and matter of fact, liking routine and structure and finding comfort in things being regular, the same, as expected, run of the mill- as you can imagine Christmas can take a bit of getting used to.image

This Christmas was like a first Christmas for Charlie and I – he enjoyed opening presents, singing Christmas songs, being in the nativity, watching Christmas films (although we’ve been watching the polar express since august) “the Christmas train” is a favourite regardless of what season it is!

You see one of our goals this year was to get used to opening presents. Charlie watched you tube videos of kids opening toys, we would regularly buy small gifts and make a real fuss of opening them. “Unboxing time” slowly became an enjoyable activity, rather than the upsetting, unsettling experience it had been in the past. He realised that the element of surprise is something fun and exciting rather than scary and upsetting.

His innonence and selfless approach to things just melts my heart. He woke up on Christmas Day seeing all the presents from Father Christmas and said “Mummy, which one is Charlie’s?” When I told him they were all for him his little face was a picture. “All for me? Really mummy?”

Its the little things that make a difference to him  – he was in charge of collecting all the wrapping paper at our huge family Boxing Day, he loves a job and for things to be tidy :0), he joined us at the table for just part of Christmas dinner and wasn’t forced to sit for 2 hours, he tucked himself in my Auntys huge bed when the party got too noisy. All these things mean that Charlie was able to enjoy it in his own way.

So you see the boy who didn’t like Christmas has now enjoyed his first real one with all the trimmings.



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