Charlie’s Angels

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We really value our support network and the many people within it that mean a lot to us – LSAs, Friends, other mummies at school and Sparkle, and some very important members of Family.

These people share many characteristics – Non Judgmental, supportive, empathic, treat Charlie and I as individuals and not just a child and parent with a diagnosis, taking an inquisitive genuine interest in the different things we face.

What this does do unfortunately though is highlight those with a knowledge gap and/or ignorance to the challenges people like us may come across. Just last week I was left gobsmacked hearing of those working with kids that have this level of ignorance.

I guess I had become surrounded by so many amazing ‘Angels in disguise’ that I lost touch with the fact that in the wider world the majority of people have no knowledge at all about Autism. Or worse they have a ‘Katie Hopkins’ approach, belittling it to something that is another word for naughty kids …..good grief if only she knew!

His angels allow Charlie to flourish in a world that can be a bit tricky and confusing for him and allow him to be just like everyone else. After all that is what is important – that we find that balance between giving Charlie the right input, support and adaptations and then treating him just like all his peers.

He is growing up in a tough big wider world and I know that wrapping him in too much of that lovely soft fluffy cotton wool won’t do him any good long term.

With the help of Charlie’s angels he is flourishing, learning and becoming independent and I’m so proud.

I value each and every one of the people that positively influence Charlie’s life. From his peers to his LSAs and so many people close to us.

Thank you.


PS The whole time I have been writing this blog I have been humming this song

Those of you that I consider to be one of those Angels I’m now imagining us fighting off the ignorant, blinkered majority Destiny’s child style….. :0) Watch the video  – the lessons that the angels complete are – Agility, Altitude, Combat & Speed – they all come in very handy being an Autism Angel :0)



  1. Just read your blog Jane…you’re one inspirational mummy & you have a great kid in Charlie, I understand a little bit about autism & the difficulties surrounding the statements & that it’s a constant battle as I’ve other friends with sons/daughters with autism & asbergers but the dedication you are showing is really highlighting all those grey areas, the ignorance of individuals who really just don’t want to know or listen. Keep up your dedicated approach, it’s fantastic! X

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    1. Sue thank you so much for taking the time to read and feedback. I really appreciate your time and words.

      I feel as though if I can help or support one other person I can pass on all the knowledge and info I have learnt through Charlie. Xxx


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