Apparently it’s the ‘IN thing’….

As many of my blog followers know I love writing about all aspects of what makes my son so special. I also write from the heart about what can be challenging and how we face it with a smile on our faces.

This week I feel compelled to write, as what I have witnessed has not only hit me personally but also professionally.

Many close to me know I’m happy go lucky, diplomatic and hate confrontation. However what I heard yesterday has made my blood BOIL!!!

Whilst on an instructor forum I read that apparently ‘Inclusion’ is the ‘in thing’, ‘it’s hot right now’………ok, excuse me whilst I pick my jaw up from the floor!!

I have taught children’s dance and fitness classes since I was 14 years old. Years and years before Charlie was born I was learning all the time about every aspect of teaching. At NO point have I ever considered I would not include a child because of a diagnosis, special need or learning ability. Neither do I include children in my classes now that do have a special need to ‘look good’?!!

Apparently for some though ‘inclusion’ is an ‘in thing’. What like the next group class fad like Zumba?!!

I am furious that a fellow children’s instructor has the audacity to say that including a child in her class is apparently being done because it’s ‘hot right now’.

I challenge you to attend any of my classes and pick out the children with anxiety issues, autism, dyslexia, cerebal palsy, ADHD, a shy child, a confident one, the chatty one, the cheeky one, the super intelligent, the sporty….shall I go on?

Every child is important, valued and equal, why on earth would I be teaching in any other way? Surely I’m in the wrong job if I was?…..


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  1. Crying again. I think that is my ‘in thing’at the moment! I try so hard not to stereo type and I hope I succeed more often than I fail but this blog title makes me picture vacuous gym bunnies who only care about image. I have a lovely recipe for rabbit stew so they best watch their back!!!
    Don’t let them get you down , keep doing it just the way you do, because our ‘special ‘need and appreciate you more than you’ll ever know. Xx

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