Rose tinted glasses

Over here at rose tinted towers everything is fine and dandy, and all is pretty happy actually.

I have a wonderful son who brightens my day, every day. A loving, supportive partner who would go to the moon and back for us and bloody great friends and family.

2014-10-26 13.19.16-1

Don’t get me wrong my life is far from perfect, but what I do have, and the people I share it with, I really try and make the most of and see the positive in whatever comes our way.

Discovering my son is autistic, separating from his dad when he was two years old, coping and dealing with the appointments, reports and emotional stress hasn’t always been easy. I could have gone in to meltdown, and at times it did feel like it was all too much. But you know what? Those rose tinted glasses don’t half come in handy when you’re feeling pretty rubbish!

I made sure from day one Charlie’s dad and I have a strong friendship, and good communication. This isn’t something that just happens – it takes work, patience, understanding and time. We both feel strongly this is best for our boy.

My partner and best friends are super supportive and have had a huge impact on both me and Charlie. Their commitment to joining us on this journey of learning about the fascinating autistic mind and everything which that brings is unreal actually. I love them all dearly…you know who you are :0)

So why do I tell you all this?

Well do you know what? I have been told at times that my positive outlook is unrealistic, silly even.

Perhaps those rose tinted glasses are my shield, my comfort blanket, my crutch – they are what keep me going, appreciating the small things, to stay focused.

Here’s to living life through a pinky, rouge coloured lens……..



  1. You keep those glasses firmly in place for all our sakes. The world is better because you share your positivity, joy and triumphs as well as the frustrations.Bless you for your generosity, it is a privilege to know you. Xxx

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