Celebrating success

Today’s blog is about celebrating success.

Something I feel is so important in helping my son to grow, flourish and development. Especially in a world that is quick to try to force his beautiful ‘square peg’ nature into that dreaded round hole.

We have prepped for weeks for him to take part in my dance school performance yesterday. Arming him with strategies to help him feel calm – squeezing his teddy, holding hands with his assistant teacher, knowing that after he can have his ‘reward’.

A morning of nervous tummy aches, worried about it being too busy and noisy, asking who will be there.

I didn’t sleep the night before – I was nervous for him! I know how much he really wanted to do it but know how crippling the anxiety can be.


I’m pleased to say the afternoon was a success. His little face when he ran towards me telling me “I did it mummy, I did good dancing!”

What a feeling and special moment for us both. I’m so proud of him. The same feeling when he took part in sports day, sang at his school assembly, when he manages during school lunch, when the timetable changes at school, when he strives to understand and interpret an emotion that’s unfamiliar.

Keep going my bubba, I’m so proud of you and I will continue to fly that square peg flag.



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