Drop by drop

I’m so proud of Charlie and all he achieves. 

I enjoy helping him to develop and seeing the difference it makes to him. I recognise too that he has many influences around him that help to shape, mould and make him the beautiful young boy that he is. 

I watched an article once that discussed teaching social skills to individuals with autism  like you may teach other children maths. Repetitive modelling of behaviours, clear, concise explanation of social etiquette, how it works, why it’s important. This has always stuck with me and has definitely featured heavily in how I parent Charlie. So many people close to us just naturally pick up on this now too. I never take for granted though this very special effort that so many of my family and friends take. 

I have been doing lots of self development work recently for myself as part of a new business I have started and this quote came up on a webinar I listened to last night.

 It has really struck a chord with me because it is so true of how all of us learn and develop, but especially so for my son who has a fascinating autistic mind. This could have been written about him! Little step by little step he grows, advances, develops and learns – all the time enhancing his beautiful nature, personality and character. 

If you are earlier on in your journey than us, just getting diagnosis, maybe having a rough time or simply feeling like it’s all too much – remember that every little step is something to celebrate. Be positive even when everything is stacked against you. Praising those tiny achievements will spur both you and your child on.

We still have challenges, tough times and moments of upset. What matters is how we come through them and what example I am setting for him. He has and continues to teach me so much… 


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