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I haven’t blogged for a while. At times I’ve almost got too much to say and find it tricky to summarise, break down or put into words my thoughts and feelings, you almost have to work it through in your own mind first and then feel ready to write about it. 
We’ve been busy working through little milestone by little milestone and Charlie makes me burst with pride every day.

You question yourself, challenge yourself, wonder if you are being patient enough, or too soft, or too anxious… all parents do I’m sure… It’s just a magnified amount when you know your child needs you to say, do and act on their behalf when they are unsure, or unaware of just what it is that should be done. 

From Charlie doing his special jobs in front of a packed church at our wedding, to him standing up saying a prayer in assembly, to getting himself dressed, all these things don’t just ‘happen’. He puts a lot of time and energy into preparing for them, as do we – visual timetables, talking and walking through the event before it happens and reassuring him there’s nothing to worry about. 

Mind you sometimes he really does surprise us, like this morning when he made his own bed “it’s ok Mummy you just do your own i will make mine!!” And he did so, better than most fully grown men ;0) or the other day when he told me in the car “I’m going to look out of the window and relax mummy, I think you should too!” He couldn’t be more spot on! Chill out mummy……

I’m really bloody proud of him and will continue to celebrate every little thing he achieves and fight for the help he deserves. 

Jane x


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