Mr Invisible

I love to talk, as I’m sure many of you reading will know! And talking, reading, researching and just generally being open minded has helped me SO much, to better understand how to support my son and his very special ‘clever brain’ as he calls it. 

You see for so many that have a limited experience of autism it’s really hard for them to understand how someone can look and seem no different to you, but inside they have different ways of processing the world, different things to be concerned about, a different approach. 

I have friends with Crohns, Endometriosis, Depression, Anxiety, and all manner of things that you cannot see – invisible things that cause them to think, act, be and do things differently. 

Why do I mention this? 

Because out of everything we support Charlie with the toughest part of it is the invisible nature of his differences. 

Our gorgeous baby Sofia has a heart condition that requires surgery – and as hard as that’s been to deal with for us – people get it. It’s concrete, it’s understood, its black and white, it’s something people can get their head round. 

Our social circle is small, our best friends and family very close. On reflection I realise this is because it’s safe, we know where we are, we don’t have to do the exhausting explaining of ourselves. “Yes Charlie eats pizza and cucumber most days for dinner, yes he hates birthday parties, yes he really really really loves superheroes, yes we go to the same place on holiday every year…. you get the idea ?! 

If I could ask anyone that reads this to just simply consider this notion of Mr Invisible – he’s not a real superhero is he?! I’ll ask Charlie he will know lol – if you meet someone and you aren’t quite sure, maybe you can’t put your finger on it, but they are different, quirky, may choose to do things in a different way to you – please stop and think. Could your understanding, your time, patience or support make a difference- chances are it will…….



  1. It still surprises me the this day how others can jump to conclusions about a young child or show no understanding to people facing additional challenges of infant/junior school age children or their families, it’s not wrong to be different and these children really can and do go on to achieve like any other kids can. ive had some of my funniest moments in life with quirky people and it’d be a boring place if we was all the same.


    1. Lee thanks so much for taking time to comment. I absolutely agree, and I wish I didn’t even feel the need to write this but unfortunately there are so many people out there not as open minded and real as you and I!


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