A magnifying glass

Most of us as parents worry about our children, analyse things, think about their future, mull over decisions, things they need help with, something they need support on.

I always say as a parent of two children with differing additional needs that you feel all those things that other parents do but through a magnifying glass.

Especially in the early days, when you are discovering this path that you’ve been thrust on to and unexpectedly find yourself meandering along not really knowing where it’s taking you.

When most others are keen to see what phonics their child is coming home with when they start their reception year, you are just hoping and praying they didn’t spend all day under the table.

When others are hoping they get picked to play for the school football team, you’re left wondering if they managed to get through the PE class without getting upset because that very irritating window latch that makes a noise has bugged the hell out of them!

When others are hoping their child gets the lead in the school play you’re are keeping your fingers crossed that they can even sit through the whole thing without letting go of the hand of their LSA.

Your world just feels like it’s under a magnifying glass. You have the same worries as the next parent, some are just enhanced, increased, magnified.

If you’re reading this as a parent of a child with additional needs, know that the work, worry, support and intervention you give now WILL pay off long term. Every child is so different of course, but I honestly believe given the chance every child can shine in their own way.

Even though that magnifying glass feels pretty full on right now, gradually it can be lifted a little higher and some areas will become less enhanced.

Be open. Talk to people. So often you can feel isolated because people around you don’t know what to say or do, so they say nothing at all. Welcome people in. Allow them to understand what your life is like. Chances are some (not all – believe me I know not all from experience!) but some will be pleased that you are helping them to understand, and they’ll want to support you. Even if that is to celebrate with you that your child is no longer under that table!!

Now hand me that magnifying glass….

Jane x



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