All in the preparation

We have been preparing this week for an event that Charlie has been practicing for and looking forward to for months. Mummy’s dance school show!

He adores coming to class and having fun dancing with his friends.

It meant a lot to us that the theatre have been so supportive in helping to prepare Charlie for the big day.

We visited on Monday and Charlie experienced this atmosphere for the first time, got to sit in the dressing room, hear the music and how loud it was, see all the flashing lights whilst standing on the stage.

It is invaluable to him to have this preparation, the time and effort of others to help him to know what to expect, hence really helping to reduce his anxiety.


I’m now preparing his visual timetable for the day so he knows what order things are happening in and again this will help him to feel prepared and ready for the day.

I’m so immensely proud of him and cant wait to see him up there having a ball on Sunday.

I will let you know next week how it all goes!

Jane x


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